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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Crimespace and the Ezine Update

by Daniel Hatadi

You've all heard of Myspace, seeing as you're all probably already on it. You may not have heard of Ning, though. Ning is like the new daddy, the mothership of Myspace. It allows you to create 'mini-spaces' within it, much like whole Myspaces themselves, with whatever theme or group of people you can think of. Obviously I'm interested in crime fiction, as are all of you, so I've gone ahead and created 'crimespace'.

Crimespace. It has a certain ring to it.

Since the Mystery Circus closed down (some of you will remember it fondly), the internet hasn't had any sort of central hub for readers and writers of crime fiction. Yes, there are various forums and places like Crimespot, but there's nowhere that can be a substitute for the bar at Bouchercon or Harrogate or Thrillerfest.

I'm hoping Crimespace can be that bar.

"Crimespace: A place for crime fiction writers, readers and lovers to schmooze, booze and draw up plans for the heist to end all heists. Find new authors to delve into, make friends and plan that heist, discuss the latest in crime fiction and make the place your home. Join up and enter the forums, add photos, videos and make some friends. Pull up a chair at the bar and share your poison."


Ezine Report by Sandra Ruttan

I've been remiss in posting here for a while, and there are several lame excuses I can offer. I had a book come out. I was traveling out of province and out of the country. I got strep throat. Then I had a deadline.

And in the midst of all that, blogger made me upgrade and I'm still sorting out my support team of bloggers for this project.

So, I have been remiss in mentioning the new issue of Demolition, with fiction by the likes of Anthony Rainone, James McGowan, Ed Lynksey and John Stickney.

And the new issue of ThugLit, with contributions by Anthony Neil Smith, Daniel Hatadi, and others.

And the new issue of Hardluck Stories is also up, with stories by Patricia Abbott, Stephen D. Rogers and more.

Really, there's no shortage of great stuff to read online right now, but there's more. Yes, more.

Mouth Full of Bullets has published Play To Win by Kevin R. Einarson, What Every Guy Wants by me, and a feature interview with me.

Plus, they have interviews with other authors and short fiction by a number of other writers... and book reviews.