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Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Site on the Web

One of the things I hoped we'd be able to do on In For Questioning was regular updates about ezines. I have found that my time for tracking releases down has been limited the last few months, and I could bore you with excuses (my debut book was published, I had some promotional travel, I got strep throat, I signed with an agent, finished a new manuscript) but ultimately, the point is that it's been hard to stay on top of things.

This is an invitation to ezine publishers.

In conjunction with Crimespace, a new blog has been launched: Crime Zine. This is intended to be a group blog where publishers of ezines that contain crime fiction content can post about new issues, contests and news. An RSS feed will be linking Crimespace and Crime Zine so that crime fiction readers and authors will see updates there as well. It's intended as a way to get the news out.

Where does that leave other ezines that don't include crime fiction? Here, for now anyway. In For Questioning was always intended to be a collaborative effort. Unfortunately, the transition from blogger 1 to blogger 2 caused some problems. I specifically stated that there would be no rigid expectations for weekly publishing, because we're all very busy and sometimes touring and unable to handle blogs.

If there are ezine editors out there who would like to join IFQ, please email me. If there are small press publishers or ebook publishers who'd like to get involved the door is open. This is meant to be a news conduit.

If you know of review sites or ezines I should be keeping an eye on, I'd love to hear from you as well.

All suggestions welcome, and there will be more from us next week.