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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thwarted By Blogger

Unfortunately, this blog launched just before the release of the new blogger.

One thing that I didn't realize was that those on the new blogger wouldn't be able to post here. In juggling various group blog responsibilities I had to sort out whether to convert to the new blogger.

Blogger has now given me no choice.

What this means is that some of the team planning to contribute here couldn't. And now that I've been forced to switch over, I'm not certain if that means some participants have been left behind.

Hopefully by the end of February we'll have it all sorted out and the regular team in place. If I'd realized what a headache this would be I would have waited for this launch - unfortunately, I didn't.

Anyone interested in participating is welcome to email us and let us know. I hope to build a list of semi-regular contributors who jump in when they have something relevant to contribute.

Let's just hope that this month, they don't launch the third version of blogger...