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Monday, January 07, 2008

Ken Bruen Interview

Suspect: Ken Bruen
Known Aliases: Benign Thug, the Pope of Galway
Occupation: Reigning King of Irish noir/hard-boiled crime fiction (that's a writer to you...)
Last Known Location: Galway, Ireland

Listen in as Ken talks about his Jack Taylor series (and how Inspector Brant is threatening to take over), the swans in Galway, and some of his more, uh, colorful book events. He also reveals (and answers) the one question he hasn't been asked that he really wants to answer - namely, what he really thinks of the Irish police.

*Original photo by Mary Regan of NYC Photo (I confess that I cropped it...sorry, Mary and Lawrence Block!)

Next week's suspect: British author, Zoë Sharp.

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