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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Allbooks Review Award Nominations

Nominations for the Allbooks Review Editor's Choice and Reviewer's Choice Awards have been announced. They are as follows:

Behind the Union Curtain by R. Sall
The Art of Original Thinking by Jan Phillips

Do you Know where Sea Turtles Go? by Paul Lowery
Reggie and Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery by B. Savino

Dancing in the Eye of Transformation by S. Brallier
The World's Best Kept Secret for Success and Happiness by V.F. Rayser
Non fiction-Exposed by D. Dimokopoulos
31 Months in Japan by L &L Collins

Dreaming of You by Francis Ray
Payson Heights by J. A. Wellman
Dancing in the Void by R. E. Levin

Baby Shark by R. Fate
Of Blood and Blackwater by T. Heffernan

Sci Fi/Fantasy
Cappawhite by G. Tate,
Angelos by R. Williams

Historical Fiction
The i Tetralogy by Mathias B. Freese
Danny and Life On Bluff Point 'The Man on the Train' by Mary Ellen Lee

Unscrambled Eggs by N. Brown
Old School by Robin Cook

2007 Allbooks Reviewer's Choice Award nominees

Danny and Life on Bluff Point-My Horse Sally by Mary Ellen Lee
John Audubon, Young Naturalist by Miriam E. Mason

Intelligent Design in Science, Religion and You by Nickolas Bay
Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds of the Past and Present by Richard A. Singer Jr.
Spiritual Practice, Occultism and Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Travel Guide for Beyond the Rainbow by Judy Kennedy

Eddie and Me on the Scrap Heap by M. Littman
The Butterfly Dance by Christyna Hunter
The Devil's Halo by Chris Fox
The Spriting by S. Grimes

Non fiction
Nana: My grandmother, Anne Gillis by Robert Gillis
America’s Controversies: The Death Penalty, Clinton’s Presidency & Export of Democracy to Nicaragua by Ksenija Arsic

47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers by Troy Cook

Sci Fi/Fantasy
Sandryn's Glow by D. Collins
The Return of Innocence by D. Simolke
Quest for the Source of Darkness by P. Perry

Special congratulations to Capital Crime Press on the nominations of both Robert Fate's Baby Shark and Troy Cook's 47 Rules For Highly Effective Bank Robbers.

Winners will be announced January 7, 2007.